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Preston Dental Group offers you all the current dental care options, from basic cleaning to a completely new smile. We’re experienced in a wide range of techniques, and can meet all your dental care needs. We also work with various specialists, so even the most complex treatments are available to you. This includes management of jaw-joint problems, sleep apnea, and complex dental makeovers.
We use the best materials and technologies available, including Invisalign® braces. Dr Ayman is highly experienced with implant treatments, as well as the Cerec® system that allows single-visit crowns and bridges. So you’ll be happy with your smile for a long time!

Here are some examples of the care options we can offer you.
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Cosmetic Treatment & Dental Makeovers

An attractive smile is important because it helps you feel good about yourself in everyday life. Getting your smile right can involve:

  • > tooth whitening (dental bleaching)
  • > straightening & reshaping teeth
  • > replacing old fillings
  • > rebuilding broken & worn teeth
  • > replacing missing teeth.

We use the best materials and modern techniques to ensure your new smile will look fantastic and last a very long time. Treatment can be anything from altering a single tooth, to a total smile makeover!
Many smile improvements can be completed very QUICKLY. That should make you smile!

cosmetic dental treatment

▲ Before

cosmetic dental treatment

▲ After

cosmetic dental treatment

▲ Before

cosmetic dental treatment

▲ After

Dental Implants

The ideal way to replace a missing tooth is to fix it right into the jaw bone. This is how a dental implant works. An implant is the most modern way to replace lost teeth, and often gives a much better result than other techniques.
Your new tooth can look, feel & perform like a natural one, and should last much longer than any other method for replacing lost teeth.
Implants are an amazing way to replace one or several teeth. Even dentures can be attached to implants - no more loose plates, trapped food or sore gums.
Call us on (03) 9484 4477 to find out more about how dental implants can help you.

cosmetic dental treatment

▲ Missing teeth can be replaced

cosmetic dental treatment

▲ After Implant treatment

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Orthodontics for straight smiles

Orthodontics for straight smiles

Straight teeth aren't just for teenagers! A straighter smile can enhance your confidence and your overall health. Dr Ayman has specialised training in orthodontic care and can provide a wide range of services for all age - from moving a single tooth to straightening an entire smile. Treatment options can include either conventional wire braces or removable devices (eg plates, removable aligners).
We also offer the newer ‘invisible’ orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign® & Clearpath® - often great options for adults.

Early care for kids

We often see young children who show signs that they will have future problems with crooked/misaligned teeth. In many cases, interventional orthodontic care can be used to help minimise or prevent these problems. This approach usually uses simple plates or other removable devices to gently guide the your child’s jaws into a better growth pattern. This can then help avoid more complex & expensive future orthodontic treatment, such as braces.

Individual treatment

All orthodontic care plans are custom-designed to suit your needs and take into account many factors related to your dental condition, health, age, lifestyle etc. If you have a preference for a particular type of treatment, we’ll try to offer it - but only if we feel it will work well in your case.
Call us today on (03) 9847 4477 for an orthodontic consultation.

cosmetic dental treatment

▲ Crooked teeth before Orthodontics

▲ Straight smile after treatment

Jaw Joint (TMJ) & headache therapy

Headache, face pain, stiff neck & shoulders, sensitive teeth, cracked fillings, tooth wear... These are some of the signs that you may have a jaw joint problem that needs treatment.
We use a range of modern therapies for jaw joint problems, which can help you avoid serious future problems like pain & tooth loss. Many treatments are simple - including exercises done at home - which can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of life.
If your jaw problems are caused by badly aligned/crooked teeth, we can offer orthodontic care options. This means you can get a nicer smile, happier jaw joints and better overall health.
We also work closely with chiropractors to enhance your treatment, since your jaw joint problems may be related to issues in posture, skeletal alignment and body balance. As this chiropractic care starts to work, you should notice better posture and body balance, improved breathing and more restful sleep.
If you suffer from a sore or stiff jaw, regular headaches or sensitive/sore teeth, call us on (03) 9484 4477 for an appointment.

cosmetic dental treatment

▲ Jaw problems can cause face & tooth pain

▲ Chipped teeth related to jaw problem

Cerec® crowns & fillings - beautiful teeth in 1 visit

We're proud to offer Cerec® crowns, fillings & inlays. Custom-made for each tooth using the most beautiful, tough, stain-resistant ceramic - in one visit.
Imagine having stained & broken old fillings replaced with a smooth white material that matches your own teeth, is stronger than enamel, and is set permanently in place.
This type of treatment usually takes 1-2 weeks, and requires at least 2 visits to your dentist. But using Cerec, you can get this done in ONE VISIT! If you have a busy life, this is an excellent option for you.
Call us on (03) 9484 4477 to find out more.

cosmetic dental treatment

▲ Ugly old fillings are easily replaced

▲ Replaced with beautiful Cerecs

Anti-Snoring therapy

Heavy snoring and sleep apnea can lead to serious health problems, constant tiredness, stress & depression.
Our team can help you to manage snoring or apnea using a range of techniques, including anti-snoring devices such as a simple jaw-positioning mouthpiece that gently repositions your lower jaw to help keep your airway open as you sleep.
Don't keep suffering from poor sleep - call us on (03) 9484 4477 to discuss how we can help you.

Call us on (03) 9484 4477 to arrange a visit – we’d love to care for your smile!