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Dental crowns are used to enhance overall appearance and aesthetics. They are a long-lasting solution and work by shielding and covering the remaining tooth with a personalised restoration. Although preserving the structure of your natural tooth is much necessary, still, if your tooth is severely damaged, then using a dental crown is the best possible alternative. Dental crowns are widely recommended for teeth having severe discolorations and also additional aesthetic or functional issues.

Here we have listed various types of dental crowns available

Metal crowns– Metals that are used to make dental crowns are gold, nickel, palladium, or chromium. These crowns are durable and rarely break or chip. However, they have a metallic colour and cannot be personalised according to the colour of your natural teeth.

As holistic dentists we do not recommend metal crowns and highly recommend ceramic crowns.

Resin dental crowns– These types of dental crowns are affordable as compared to other types. However, there is a risk of wearing down and are also likely to break.

Ceramic dental crowns– These crowns can be customised completely according to the colour of your natural teeth. Also, it is the best option for people who have metal allergies. These dental crowns are a perfect choice for covering all teeth front and back.

Pressed ceramic crowns– These dental crowns have a tougher core. They substitute the metal liner which is used in the ceramic crown-making process. Pressed ceramic crowns have porcelain caps due to which can match the colour of your natural teeth. These types of dental crowns are long-lasting and also are perfect for use on front teeth.

Dental Bridges

Cosmetic dental bridges have multiple dental crowns which are held together to substitute the missing teeth or bridge the gap between healthy teeth. While using dental bridges, the patient needs to maintain proper oral hygiene and follow all the guidelines given by dental care experts. Here we have listed some benefits of using dental crowns near Lalor-

Smile restoration-With dental crowns, you can feel more confident while smiling and interacting than before. Dental bridges are a great solution for restoring your smile and for enhancing your quality of life.

Enhance speaking– If you have suffered multiple tooth loss, then you may face difficulty in pronouncing some words. However, with dental crowns, you can resolve this issue and can enhance your pronunciation significantly.

Maintain your natural look

Do you know that your jawbone begins to damage after losing your tooth? The roots of your teeth stimulate the bone cells within your jawbone. But without these roots, there can be a deterioration in the jaw bone leading to further tooth loss and collapse of facial aesthetics. However, with dental crowns, you can resolve these issues and keep your natural look intact.

Stop teeth from moving

After tooth loss, you might see that your remaining teeth start shifting towards open space. So, to stop teeth from shifting, it is advisable to fill the space by using an artificial tooth or dental bridge.

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